David Perleberg

As an active outdoor enthusiast, David Perleberg hails from the colorful foothills surrounding Golden, Colorado. At an early age, David was greatly involved in many competitive sports, cultural programs, and philanthropic organizations. In juggling Elite soccer, competitive swimming, and downhill ski racing with Boy Scouts, church groups, and community service, David cultivated a true passion for helping others live meaningful, active lifestyles. Diagnosed with activity-induced asthma at an early age, David decided as a youth to take an active role in conquering his affliction by organizing free asthma screenings at local soccer tournaments in Colorado. With the help of volunteer physicians from the National College of Asthma and Immunology, David worked to help over 80 young athletes achieve peak competition through early testing and diagnosis. Drawing from this and many other early influences, David possesses a wide array of entrepreneurial interests and service-oriented goals. As a University of San Diego graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, David has studied, volunteered, and worked internationally through organizations such as the International Business Council and the University of San Diego Rotaract. While pursuing entrepreneurial ventures in Denver, Colorado, and serving as a Development Consultant for Thrower Ventures, in La Jolla, California, David is excited to help promote the expansion of Project Active on domestic and international levels.